Topics for Corporate Organizations

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For Corporate Organizations


Values-based Living

Our values should serve as blinders that keep us focused on what matters most.  Understanding “Values-based” living will help your team gain clarity on what matters most to them so that they can operate at their fullest potential.



What does it mean to truly “BE WELL”? In the midst of such chaos and confusion, this seminar will help the participant learn practical strategies to not just “talk about” wellness, but to truly experience the benefits of self-care and wholeness.


The Truth about E.I.

Much emphasis has been placed on intellect and skill-set which is important. But limited focus has been placed on the importance and power of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is key to creating safe and secure work environments that promote productivity and effectiveness amongst colleagues.


The Power of Perception

You’ve heard the popular saying: “We don’t see things as they are but as we are…” and that truth rings true in work dynamics. Often our inability to see ourselves as a cohesive part of a team impacts our ability to operate seamlessly. Understanding the power of our perceptions will help us see more clearly and engage more fully with our team.



***Note: Robin is available to speak on one of the above topics or a topic of your choosing. She is able to adjust her message to the format you request (i.e. Full day seminar, conference key note, retreat break out, etc.)