Interested in Booking a COUNSELING Session

Interested in booking a Counseling Session?  Here is what you need to know:


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Georgia.  I have been providing counseling services for over a decade.  I most often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as my theoretical approach.  I choose CBT as my preferred method of treatment because I believe how you think has a direct impact on what you do. And so, the goal for our time together is to get clear on your thoughts, so that you can begin the process of changing your experience.  But, please keep in mind, while CBT is my preference, I am intentional about customizing counseling for each individual. I have committed my counseling practice to serving a variety of populations, including (but not limited to) specific work with women, couples, work-life balance and supporting those looking to gain clarity on their core beliefs and how those beliefs are impacting their every-day life.  As a woman of faith, I am able to incorporate Biblical truth when requested as a part of the treatment process. However, I am very careful not to project my Biblical world-view as a blanket approach for those who do not ascribe to the faith.


When working with someone clinically, the clients that are the best fit are those that are willing to dive in and do the work necessary, even if it’s one tiny step at a time. I am NOT a good fit for those who prefer “process-only” therapy modalities and / or who are resistant to solution-focused treatment.

I would be honored to support you clinically or through coaching. Keep in mind, that once we start a professional relationship in one lane, we will stay in that lane. While the skills that I use may intersect, if you sign up as a coaching client, but I discover that there may be challenges that need to be addressed clinically, I will (if feasible) continue to partner with you as your coach but will recommend that you seek professional support with a clinician.

To understand the difference between COACHING and COUNSELING, click HERE.



If you are in a life-threatening situation, do not use this site. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a free, 24-hour hotline, at 1-800-273-8255. Your call will be routed to the crisis center near you. If your issue is an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


Alright, that was a lot of information…but I have so much more to share! My goal is to answer as many questions as possible! Take a deep breath…and keep reading!



NOTE: At this time we have limited availability but please contact us to see if we are able to accommodate your request.

  • You must be located in the State of Georgia
  • Due to the impact of the global COVID pandemic, at this time, I am only accepting NEW CLIENTS for VIRTUAL appointments (via video or tele-conference based on client’s preference)
  • Session availability: Tue – Thur (10am to 2pm); Fri (9am – 12pm)
  • Currently, I am only accepting insurance clients who have AETNA, CIGNA,  Anthem (BCBS), Humana, UNITED HEALTH CARE, Kaiser, or OPTUM as their insurance. I do accept FSA.
    • Special note: When going through the process of starting our work together, my office will verify your insurance.  However, please note that You are fully responsible for checking your benefits with your insurance company as well prior to your first session. Clients that come on board my practice, will need to provide a card that will cover any outstanding fees (i.e. no show fees).

      Questions to ask insurance provider:

      1. Do I have mental health insurance benefits? 2. Do I have Telehealth services as a part of the benefits? 3. What is my deductible? 4. How many sessions does my health insurance cover? 5. What is the coverage amount per session?

  • Please Note: I do not work with children/teens; I am not the best fit for those suffering from an eating disorder, psychotic disorders or severe substance abuse. I also do not write ESA (Emotional Support Animals) letters and I have a practice policy to not write “out of work” (FMLA) letters for brand new clients (because there hasn’t been an established history of treatment).
  • Private Pay clients are welcome. To inquire about my private pay rate, click HERE to contact my office.
  • Once you are ready to book your session, click HERE and indicate that you’ve read this information and you are ready to move forward in COUNSELING specifically, and we will direct you from there!
    • I cannot wait to get to know you!


I look forward to supporting you! If you have any specific questions that were not answered above, feel free to reach out to my office (via email: and someone will get back with you within 48 business hours.