Our girl turns 13 on April 11th and we are so excited to celebrate her but are a bit bummed about the fact that we are quarantined. But we are committed to making her day as special as possible, AND YOU CAN (SAFELY) BE A PART of her special day!

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A SURPRISE so whether you can participate or not, we are asking that you wait until the last minute to share this with your child (so that they won’t accidentally share it with Ryann) but to have enough time to make signs (if they choose too – see below).

NOTE: This is actually part 2 of her SURPRISE! I will share deets of Part 1 soon, but it’s a simple Zoom call. Deets on that will be sent out soon! But I wanted to get this part on your calendar!


I am asking a small number of people to do a modified “parade” for Ry on her birthday. I would love for you (and your girls) to come over to our house (7593 Poplar Falls Street, Lithonia) at 2pm on April 11th. WE, OF COURSE ARE NOT ASKING ANYONE TO COME INTO OUR HOME or to PHYSICALLY INTERACT with anyone outside of THEIR own family!

I am asking you to have a poster board, streamers, or a simple Happy Birthday banner!

Once you arrive at the house at 2pm (ON THE DOT), when Ryann walks out, I will count down (3, 2, 1) and everyone will sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Finally, after everyone has sang Happy Birthday, I am asking that the girls (no adults) step out of their cars…(BUT THIS PART IS IMPORTANT): That they STAY RIGHT BY THEIR OWN CAR, and they will all perform one of their favorite tik-tok (Details to come about which one). Once they do their dance, they can get back in the car and Ryann can wave bye to everyone!

Again, we would LOVE to have your participation!!!

Please text Robin (678-614-4945) to let us know if you can join us!