The LIFE Circle Course


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You are officially invited to join ME for L.I.F.E. Circle with Sister-Friends!

Girl, grab your phone…text your girls…tell them “It’s time to LEVEL UP”!




L.I.F.E. CIRCLE w/ Sister-Friends is a revolutionary opportunity for YOU and your closes friends to experience LIFE CHANGING GROWTH…Together!


This 6-week Coaching Program is custom designed to support you (and your sister-friends) on a journey towards PERSONAL HEALING and DEVELOPMENT (PHD)!


What are the NUTS and BOLTS…the MEAT and POTATOES…What is included in this Program?


L.I.F.E. Circle with Sister-Friends is a 6 Week Course and it includes:

* WEEKLY High-Value Lessons delivered within the Live L.I.F.E. Portal

* WEEKLY Exercises, Challenges, Worksheets to support you in your process

* GUIDED Discussion questions for you and your friends to help facilitate deeper connection


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