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So this is where I am supposed to tell you all about me…and if you scroll down you can check out my official “bio”. But the truth is that I’d prefer to talk about what you and I probably have in common.
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See, one thing I believe is that in all of us is an innate desire to make an impact but fear causes many of us to suffocate that desire. I have been there. Like yesterday…More than likely regardless of when you are reading this, I was probably there yesterday or some time in the recent past! I know you are thinking: “What in the world!? You are a coach and a counselor and you have moments where fear becomes suffocating?” And my response is …ABSOLUTELY! I am not immune to fear…and there are times that it gets the best of me….but let me tell you, I don’t stay there long! I know what to do to shake the fear…well, more like I know what to do to push forward despite the fear and I would LOVE to help you do the same. Whether it is personally, professionally, or in your relationships, I can help you experience the life you truly desire.

So here is the deal. You can scroll down to read the fancy-ancy bio, or you can go ahead and click HERE to see how we can work together! Either way, I hope to connect with you soon!

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Focused on empowering people to embrace the fullness of God’s plan for their life, Robin May is called to serve those who’ve decided the status quo is no longer enough in their life or relationships. Her mantra is: It is time for you to LIVE LIFE INTENTIONALLY AND FULLY ENGAGED!

As a much-sought after speaker, Robin is able to energize her audience in a transparent, lively and engaging way. She is the author of several books including, “The 30 – Day Intentional Intimacy Project * For Married Women!” which takes women on a 30-day journey to reignite and maintain the spark in their romance! Most recently Robin has authored a devotional, “Live Intentionally. Fully Engage.” which is a 52 week plan to help you live your life with purpose!

Robin currently serves as a mental health therapist and Life Coach. She encourages her clients to live their lives to the fullest by first challenging them to look in the mirror and get honest with themselves!

Robin is the founder of the “I Believe in Marriage” Network, where individuals and couples gather to discuss, learn and encourage one another about building a healthy relationship! She is also the founder of “When Girls Gather“, another powerful networking organization for women who believe in living their lives with purpose!

Robin has currently wrapped Season 3 of her very own television show: “Intentional Living with Life Coach Robin May” which airs weekly – locally in Atlanta on the AIB network or anywhere around the world via the web.

Robin’s life changing advice has been featured in Essence Magazine, the Rickey Smiley Show and weekly on Radio One’s gospel station – Praise 102.5, the K.D. Bowe Show where Robin was the featured life coach for 5 years!

Although Robin is extremely proud of her accomplishments, her most treasured role is being the wife to her college sweetheart and mother to  her 3 precious daughters!