LIFE Guide Training (Downloadable Workbook and 3 Digital Audio)



The L.I.F.E. Guide Training is PERFECT to help you begin to partner with God to craft the life you truly are meant to live.  This program will take you step by step through identifying what it is you really want, the steps to get there, and how you will know you are successful.  The 30 page workbook will be your go-to-guide throughout the process to help you design your life.  In addition the 3 supplemental audio recordings (each less than 15 minutes) will give you a quick push in the right direction!   SPECIAL NOTE: Once you receive your file, you are encouraged to download the file to the device of your choosing.  BUT PLEASE NOTE you are only able to download the PDF two times! The PDF form fields are fill-able to allow you to work directly from your computer. The Audio files have unlimited downloads.


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